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12 Days of Christmas

13 Dec


Our annual Christmas sale begins today and you will see discounts of up to 70% off on specific products.

From December 13th to 24th, we will reveal a new sale item each day.  The sale lasts until Christmas or until we run out of stock for the product.

Visit the store or check on our website or Facebook page to see the deal of the day!

The 1st day of Christmas sale is 50% off Pet Projekt rubber dog toys!



To the winner goes the spoils!

06 Nov

On the 1st of each month we hold Hamster Races at Tails.  The winning hamster receives a prize as a reward for their racing skills.  On October 1st, the winning hamster was Daisy, who received a wooden trixie maze as a prize.

Below is a picture of Daisy and then a drawing of Daisy, as done by her proud owner.  Also pictured is a picture and drawing of the 2nd place hamster, Melody.

Make sure you come to our next hamster race on December 1st!

We’re back. Again.

25 Oct

We have finally dealt with the malware issues we were having with our site! In fact, we moved to another hosting provider entirely as it appears that the problem was coming from their side, not ours. The technical stuff aside, we are now up and running and can get back to uploading content and making the site useful again.

If you tried to access the site over the last month or two and couldn’t, our apologies for leaving you hanging.  Watch for more updates soon!


It’s nice to share.

07 Aug

We all know that sharing is good.  Our last version of the site wasn’t particulary adept at sharing news, photos, events and other exciting updates with our customers.  With the new site we are working hard to fix that.  Our twitter account (TailsPetStore) is linked to the site now, we are working on integrating our Facebook page and trying to find the best way to share the extremely cute pictures we are taking of the amazing pets that walk in and out of our store!

After a day of work, the site is coming along nicely but there is still much more to be done.  Thank you for your continued patience and check back soon!

We’re back! Well, kinda.

06 Aug

The Tails site has been down for the last few weeks due to a malicious code that somehow found its way onto the site.  We eventually decided to seize the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start with a new install and a new look.  It may be a little sparse right now, but the site will quickly come back to life, with the articles, information, pictures, videos and product info you are looking for!

In the meantime, any questions can be directed to us at the store at (647) 436-2529.  We are located at 2211 Queen Street East and would love to see you come by for food, toys, treats, clothes, cages and of course grooming!