FINAL 12th Day of Christmas Sale – 50% Off Christmas Toys and Apparel

24 Dec


For each day of our 12 Days of Christmas Sale you will see discounts of up to 70% off on specific products that make great Christmas presents for pets, or friends or family with pets!

From December 13th to 24th, we will reveal a new sale item each day.  The sale items lasts until the 24th or until we run out of stock for the product, so if you liked an item from a previous day, it may still be available.

Make sure to visit our website, Facebook page or come into the store each day to see the deal of the day, or follow us on Twitter for tweets with the latest deal!

The 12th day of Christmas sale is 50% Off Christmas Toys and Apparel!  Sometimes it does pay to wait until the last minute!

christmas collars

Here is a recap of the previous days special items and whether they are still available or sold out.

1st Day of Christmas – 25% off Nature’s Bits Dog Treats – STILL AVAILABLE
2nd Day of Christmas –30% off Wellness Kittles Cat Treats – STILL AVAILABLE
3rd day of Christmas – 70% off Trixie Small Animal Toys – STILL AVAILABLE
4th day of Christmas – 30% off Wellness Wellbars Dog Treats – STILL AVAILABLE
5th day of Christmas – 40% off HBH Betta Food – STILL AVAILABLE
6th Day of Christmas – 20% Off Treaty Bites Dog Treats – STILL AVAILABLE
7th Day of Christmas – 15% Off All Bird Toys – STILL AVAILABLE
8th Day of Christmas – 20% Off Cat Dancer Toys – STILL AVAILABLE
9th day of Christmas  – 20% Off Blue Dane Dog Treats – STILL AVAILABLE
10th day of Christmas – 15% Off Sherpa Dog and Cat Carriers – STILL AVAILABLE
11th day of Christmas – 50% Off Village Fare Dog Treats – STILL AVAILABLE

See you soon!


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