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Cats aren’t second class citizens at Tails!

Everything for your cat and then some!  A partial list of our products includes cat food (dry, canned, frozen raw, freeze-dried), catposts, toys, litter and litter pans, beds, supplements, stain and odour, treats, dishes, collars, carriers, and enough catnip to keep your cat occupied for hours.

Please note that we do not sell dogs or cats at Tails. The vast majority of dog or cat breeders will not sell through a pet store. Many dog or cat breeders view their animals as part of the family and must meet and approve of the prospective owner prior to selling a puppy or kitten. If you are looking for a dog or cat to join your family, we suggest you contact a reputable breeder or visit a site like that links a number of rescue groups together to make it easy to find an animal to rescue.  (Note that while appears American, it actually covers all of North America.  Just enter your postal code in the Location field and it will start to show nearby options.)


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