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Day 5 of the Tails 12 Days of Christmas Sale… 40% off Darford dog treats!

17 Dec

What do you get when you combine grain-free yummy Darford cookies with your favourite puppy?  A whole lot of wagging-tailed, fun-filled, Christmas kisses!  And at 40% off, you can get a whole lot of those kisses!  Now it’s just down to the decision of flavour… bacon, salmon, cheese, pumpkin, turkey or peanut butter? 

Like all of our 12 days of Christmas deals, this one is good until 5pm on December 24th, or while quantities last…

It’s Day 4 of the Tails 12 Days of Christmas Sale! And it’s all about books!

16 Dec

We realize that your dog can’t actually read, or your gecko for that matter…  but how about buying a book for your kid to learn how to teach your dog agility?  Or for your mother who’s thinking of getting yet another cat?  Or your brother who wants to know how to build a garden pond?  We have books on a wide range of subjects relating to dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles and fish.  And from now until 5pm on December 24th 2018, all books are 20% off!

Day 3… and it’s 20% off all This & That bulk dog chews and treats!

15 Dec

What does Fido want in his stocking?  Lots and lots of chews from This & That!  We have an assortment of treats and chews to “chews” from:  Fish skin sticks, everest cheese snacks, cranberry turkey tips, honey garlic duck feet, small antlers… just to name a few of the delectable options.  

Just like all of our other 12 Days of Christmas deals, this one is on until 5pm on December 24th, 2018 or while quantities last…

Day 2 of our annual 12 Days of Christmas Sale!

14 Dec

All Trixie Toys & Accessories are 70% off!  What!?! 70% off?  You bet!

We carry a large assortment of wooden items by Trixie.  We love them because of their natural look, and their versatility.  There are ramps and ladders that both critters and lizards love.  There are tunnels for geckos and dwarf hamsters.  There are houses and mazes and swings and slides and teeter totters and dumb bells!  Something for every little critter on your list!



It’s our 12 Days of Christmas Sale 2018… Day 1!

13 Dec

Every day until December 24th, we will reveal another deal… ALL of them are on until 5pm on December 24th!

Now, until December 24th, get 50% off all Bella Bowls!  Why Bella bowls?  They’re great for dogs & cats as they come in many sizes.  They’re stainless steel, dishwasher safe, with a grip on the bottom to prevent games of bowl hockey across the kitchen floor.  Their design is timeless… great for everyday use, or special occasions like Christmas dinner!  Plus, as a special bonus, just for visiting our site… we’ll also give you a FREE can of Canada Fresh dog or cat food when you mention this post and buy a Bella bowl!  So Christmas dinner is on us!


Why do I need a professional to groom my cat? Don’t they groom themselves?

11 Nov

Bringing your cat in for professional grooming at Tails is safer for you, and the cat…and the cats don’t groom themselves as well as we can groom them at Tails!

Firstly, while a cat does groom itself, it uses only its saliva to do so.  As you can imagine, this has limitations.  If there are any tangles, only a brush, or a set of clippers can take care of the mess.  A cat’s skin is so delicate, we don’t suggest you try these methods at home.  You may hurt your cat, which will undoubtedly then try to then hurt you.  Mad cats are dangerous critters!

Secondly, older cats are not as limber as they once were, and aren’t able to reach all places, resulting in more mattes and tangles.

Third, we can de-shed your cat, meaning that all that loose dead hair stays with us, and doesn’t cover your furniture, or pave the way for massive hairballs.

Fourth, we can shave your cat, in part, or whole, reducing said shedding even further, and allowing for a more comfortable cat, especially in warmer weather.

Finally, we think you will agree, that a sweet-smelling, freshly shampoo’d cat is so much better on your lap to cuddle than when it’s freshly bathed itself in spit….just saying.

Book a cat grooming today, and know that we’ll do the best for you and your cat’s health and peace of mind.

Below, one of our grooming clients, Oscar, relaxes as our groomer Jamie brushes his tummy.