The Times they are a changing…

18 Mar

As an independent retailer, we have the flexibility to change with the times, and now, more than ever, the times are changing.  We recognize that people want to make sure they have stock of their pets’ foods, and we want to continue to provide it… right up until our last day open on April 18th.

We have to make daily adjustments on how best to do this to keep our customers safe, as well as our staff.  We may have to have shorter store hours for a while.  We will be checking voicemails and emails regularly and provide delivery to your (closed) door on a daily basis whenever possible.

We are continuing to receive shipments of food and litter, and while there have been a couple of sizes or flavours here and there shorted by our suppliers, there hasn’t been any word that there will be a concern for the future.  We also are working with Wag on the Danforth, sharing stock and resources, which will help to keep everything on an even keel.

Please call or email us for any other information you require and to schedule your next delivery!


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